Sail Into Stories

A Sea of Stories
Set sail with a series of tales, shanties and rhymes 

A Sea of Stories
Set sail with a series of tales, shanties and rhymes filled with pirate queens, whales and other sea creatures.  These stories 
will not only fascinate, but educate audiences on a variety of subjects surrounding the sea from the names of famous pirates to the types of fish  found in different areas of the sea.  
Storytellers Andrea Lovett, Karen Chace and Nicolette Nordin Heavey interact with audiences and have a number of short activities to encourage the audience to jump on board!

Celebrate the winter season with three wise and witty women, Andrea Lovett, Nicolette Heavey and Karen Chace while they whisk you away on the wings of story.

Tales That Are Merry and Bright is an interactive storytelling program filled with humor and joy. These participatory tales will add delight to your day and a smile to your heart. Let the fire of your imagination warm you as you travel around the world visiting countries through folktales. Don’t miss this opportunity to visit Norway, England, Russia and other fascinating ports of call , no passport required! 
As part of the program the storytellers will be telling The Legend of the Silver Pine Cone. Each family will be given a copy of the story and create a silver pine cone to take home.

Meet The Tellers of Stories in the Streets 

Karen Chace
Since 2000 Karen Chace has been sharing stories professionally with a wide range of audiences. She is a workshop presenter and director of a student storytelling troupe since 2002. She is the recipient of the National Storytelling Networks Oracle Award for Leadership and Service in 2011 and the LANES 2009 Brother Blue-Ruth Hill Award.

Nicolette Nordin Heavey
Nicolette performs stories for all those young at heart, fromtoddlers to adults audiences.  While the chidren listening appear “awestruck” and thoroughly entertained, Nicolette’s programs always impart literacy skills. In the last ten years as a professional storyteller Nicolette has earned recognition for both her fictional and personal stories. She has been chosen to present at local storytelling conferences and festivals (Sharing the Fire, Three Apples Storytelling Festival) and earned third place in massmouth's final story slam in 2010.

Nicolette tells Babaji

Andrea tells Mouton and Garlique!

Andrea Lovett
Since 1992 Andrea Lovett has been sharing stories with audiences both nationally and internationally. Andrea has won the League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling Brother Blue and Ruth Hill Award for her work connected with massmouth. In 2012 she received the National Storytelling Networks Oracle Award for Leadership and Service also her work connected with massmouth. Her workshops for children and adults are highly sought after. Andrea is a teaching artist for Young Audiences of Massachusetts. 

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